How To Create A Cool Rock Track At Home

If you want to know how to put together a cool and smooth sounding rock track in Logic Pro, this video is a good place to start out.

I walk you through how the track looks inside the Logic Pro project so that you can see how it all comes together including all of the tricks and tips used in the creation of the track.

The track was created a couple of years ago so there are now some more tricks I would add to the track if I were to do it again, but the current result is nice enough to earn plenty of downloads in the world Stock Music Licensing!

This is a smooth and strong rock track with a low tempo that evokes feelings of confidence, power and achievement.

This track will work well with motivational projects, sports videos, movie videos, games, ads and more.

This music track can be used for FREE but without monetization. To monetize you must purchase a license. The track is available to purchase as royalty free background music for your project..



Motion Array


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