THE RIFF: Master Your Genre First

I received a question recently from Alan asking if I have explored genres other than rock and whether I have blended rock with these genres.

The answer is a definite yes, and I highly recommend everyone who creates music to do the same.

Exploring different genres opens up a world of possibilities and sparks new ideas that you may not have considered before if you had stuck with just one genre.

The knowledge and experience gained from experimenting with different genres can greatly enrich your future musical creations.

That being said, my recommendation for beginners is to initially focus on honing your skills in the genre you excel at the most.

If you’re a rock guitarist like myself, dedicate your time and effort to mastering the art of creating great rock tracks in your favorite style before venturing into the uncharted territories of other genres

Why? Because the genre you know well provides a solid foundation. You have a clear understanding of how that style of music should sound and what you enjoy hearing. This allows you to better evaluate the quality of your music by comparing it to the music you know and love.

Imagine someone who has been immersed in death metal their entire life suddenly attempting to create jazz music from scratch. It would be quite a challenge!

Once you have a solid portfolio of 20-50 tracks in your chosen genre, you can start branching out and experimenting with other genres such as cinematic trailers, lo-fi, hip hop, and more.

This is when the real magic happens. You can blend and mix these new genres with your own unique style, creating exciting hybrid tracks.

I’ve dabbled in this myself on a few occasions, although not as much as I’d like. I’m eager to create more of these genre-blending music pieces

Below, I’ve included a couple of links to the same music piece I created a few years ago. One video showcases the project in Logic Pro, while the other is a fun home video I made with my two boys during a weekend. Enjoy!

Cinematic Orchestral Rock Trailer Hybrid
Cinematic Orchestral Rock Trailer Hybrid – Home Vid
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Riff Of The Week: AFI – Girl’s Not Grey

The opening riff to this track is simply a sequence of power chords, but make no mistake it fires on all cylinders and immediately pulls the listener in eager to hear more.

Girl’s Not Grey – Watch here

My Latest Video

Smooth Rock Royalty Free Music For Media And Videos– In this video I showcase one of my music tracks which was inspired by Pearl Jam.

I use videos from to demonstrate how the track would sound and look in a media project.

Watch Here

A Thought-Provoking Quote

“Music is a personal journey, and trying new genres is like exploring uncharted territories. It keeps the creative spirit alive and allows for endless possibilities.”

– Pharrell Williams

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