THE RIFF: You’ve just sold a product!

How would you like to open up your emails to see three separate emails saying that you have sold three of your tracks on a music library?

Well, this happened to me today and I can tell you that it is a great feeling… someone spending their money to use YOUR music track on their project!

It is such a compliment for someone to purchase your music, and is something you just don’t get tired of.

And this is a possibility for you too.  Of course this doesn’t just happen overnight, but just by getting started puts you in the right direction.

You do this one step at a time… one fun step at a time!  Starting with writing a cool riff then simply building from there.

And the riff doesn’t even have to be that impressive!  Just something super simple can be just as effective… and usually the best riffs are!

I don’t need to remind you of ‘smells like teen spirit’ but you get the picture!  So simple yet so effective… and MASSIVE!

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Tip: Start off with the presets

This might seem a little too obvious, however I think it is worth raising as there are some people who don’t believe in using presets.

I come across it all the time in forums, youtube videos, you name it.  It seems that some see using presets as a weakness or a sign that you don’t know how to use the software correctly.

To think this is not the right way of thinking.  I would always recommend applying a preset to your compressor, eq, amp, or whatever it is that you are using.  Particularly if you are new to the plugin and testing it out.

After that you can tweak to your taste which will help you to learn as you create more music over time.

If you are new to producing music then it is a no brainer, open up the presets and start producing.

Open up a new prodject and complete an entire track using only presets in all plugins.  Then see how it sounds.

If you are new to recording I bet you will be surprised how good it sounds.

Riff Of The Week: Brainsaw – Therapy?

I love how this riff enters the song half way through the track, hidden almost, but kicks backside when it arrives!

One of many great riffs on this truly great album.

The link below will take you straight to the riff.

Brainsaw – Therapy?

My Latest Video

Rock Music In Logic Pro X – In this video I ask you to watch the Logic Pro project and try to imagine what happens next in the track by looking at what is on the screen.

Pay attention to the beginning, the drums, the transitions, guitar harmonies.

Watch Here

A Thought-Provoking Quote

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.”

– John Lennon


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