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Royalty-Free Music Libraries

Last week, I mentioned the feeling of fulfillment you get from finishing your own rock and metal music. I also mentioned a library where I upload my music.

And chances are, if you’re reading this and haven’t yet started, you might already have some ideas of where you would like your own music to go – Spotify being one of them..


However, many people are unaware of the other possibilities for their music and how they can even try to make some money.

I have friends who make a living from selling their music online on platforms like AudioJungle and Pond5 – even moving to their dream location as a result of their success.

These royalty-free music libraries are just a few examples of many, with new sites being created all the time.

Why? Because the online world is constantly expanding, and with it, the need for fresh, new music in all genres, including rock and metal!

But what about AI? Won’t it just take over the music industry, making all composers and artists redundant?

Well, that’s for another newsletter, but my thoughts on that right now are that I believe there will always be something about flesh and bone that people prefer over zeros and ones.

Back to my point, there are plenty of avenues you can pursue for your musical creations – you just need to get started with creating the music first.

And for me, that’s the very best part – actually creating my own music.

Where it goes after that is secondary to me, as long as I enjoy the process.

Hit the button below to share with me any of your experiences in online music libraries.  And I will be happy to share it on future newsletters..

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Quick Production Tip

One of my monitors has a split in the speaker cone center (dust cap I think).  This hasn’t stopped me from creating all of the music I have created at home.

And it all sounds great to me!

How did it get damaged?.. well that was entirely my own fault. Arriving home one evening after an afternoon of drinking, I thought that someone (my kids) had damaged the cone in one monitor.

I thought they had pushed the dust cap inward.

So I got straight to fixing the issue, only to actually truly damage the cone myself before realising that the other cone looked the same and they had always looked like this.

How I felt guilty for blaming my kids for something that wasn’t even broken!

Alcohol anyone?

Anyway, I still use it and it sounds great.

What’s my point?

Well, apart from the fact that I can be a drunk fool, I’m saying you have to use what you have.

Don’t let not having the latest and greatest equipment or software stop you from getting started.

The speaker monitors I mentioned above are the same second hand speaker monitors I started with back in 2008 plus I still use the same second hand line 6 UX audio interface I purchased off eBay a couple of years later.

I have an iMac mini and many guitars.  And that’s all I need to start creating great music.

But you could get going with a laptop, headphones, Audio Interface and a guitar.  That’s it!

If you have all this, then you could start recording with GarageBand that comes free with an iMac.

Then over time you can add to your kit with headphones, monitors, a new DAW (Logic Pro) new Audio Interface, screens… the list goes on.

Riff Of The Week

Dive – Nirvana

Perhaps not the most famous of riffs, but certainly for me, always one that really kicks ass!

This is one for both guitarists and bass guitarists as it begins with Krist Novoselic’s bass playing this most simple of grooves..

Then kicking in with Grohl’s drums and Cobain’s grunge guitar backing up his bass mate, all together smashing the audience out of their seats as this songs continues its opening sequence with a driving feeling that..

..nothing will get in its way.

This is a true example of how simple a riff can be yet very effective.

I urge you to keep simplicity in mind when creating your riffs.  It’s not always about the super technical abilities.

Go and have a listen for yourself.

Nirvana Dive – Youtube

Podcast Episode I’m Listening To

“The Creative Entrepreneurs Podcast – Ep. 80: How to Launch Your Online Course with Confidence”

I have been following Daniel Carrizalez for a few years on both his Stock Music Licensing podcast channel and his current Creative Entrepreneurs podcast.

I have enrolled in and completed a couple of Daniel’s online courses, so I know he is someone who knows a thing or two about how to create online courses.

I plan to create my own online music production course soon and need to make sure I have fully researched the process.

(Any suggestions regarding what you would like to see in a course from me are most welcome.  Hit reply and send them over.)

I will be directing you to some of Daniel’s more music related podcasts in future newsletters.. you don’t want to miss those.

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“Wanting to be someone else is a waste of the person you are.”

Kurt Cobain – Nirvana


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